Acuity Capital Management LLC (“Acuity”) is an alternative asset management company based in Greenwich, CT that focuses on corporate credit investing. Acuity utilizes four distinct yet related fixed-income asset buckets -- high yield, investment grade, convertible, and bank debt from the long and short side. Acuity constructs portfolios that deliver current yield, ample liquidity and significant protection of capital.

Acuity is S.E.C registered (#801-72708), listed on HFR platform (, and acts as a sub-advisor to the WHV/Acuity Tactical Credit Long/Short Fund (symbols, "WHAAX" and "WHAIX",, the Wilmington Multi-Manager Alternatives Fund (symbols, “WRAAX” and "WRAIX”,, and the Sandalwood Opportunity Fund (symbols, "SANAX" and "SANIX",

Acuity’s administrator is Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services and its affiliates. Acuity's auditor is KPMG, and prime brokers are Deutsche Bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and BNP Paribas. Acuity operates under a B.V.I. based master feeder structure with a Delaware based on-shore feeder and a B.V.I. based off-shore feeder.